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The Economic Development and State Historic Tax Credit Act  --  AB 1999
An Economic Incentive Whose Time has Come


AB 1999 clears the State Assembly (75-0 vote) and the Senate (30-0 vote!)

With a strong coalition and a growing body of support, AB 1999 passed the California legislature and now moves to the Governor Brown for signature.  Over the past seven months, the California Historic Tax Credit Coalition has worked with the bill author, Toni Atkins, Speaker of the Assembly to ensure that AB 1999 is delivered to the Governor as a sound, rational bill that will provide a financial incentives to stimulate economic development and protect historic buildings.  The State Legislature sent a clear, unanimous message that this is an incentive whose time has come.

We need your help NOW to pass AB 1999

This is a critical time as the bill moves to Senate committees and the Governor.  Thirty-five states have a State Historic Tax Credit.  Let's make California the 36th state to adopt a State Historic Tax Credit. 

Please write letters of support to Governor Brown, copy them to Speaker Toni Atkins to make the case that --

  • Historic preservation has transformed your communityExplain why historic preservation is important where you live.  Use specific examples of historic preservation projects in your community that are sources of pride and contribute to the economic vitality of your town.
  • Owner occupied, residential property owners now have a financial incentive to restore historic homes. AB 1999 will provide important financial incentives for individual home owners who want to restore historic homes, thus helping to maintain property values, character of historic neighborhoods and reduce blight.
  • State Historic Tax Credits will stimulate local economies.State how historic tax credits can help transform your community by stimulating economic and sustainable development, reduce blight and preserve your community's heritage.
  • This bill will ensure a payback to the state. The historic tax credits will support projects that demonstrate a return on investment to the state through income from jobs, sales tax, property taxes and income taxes.

Ask your local government leaders to write a letter supporting AB 1999.
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Sample letter -- Personalize your letter.  Use information from our Case Statement or the resources listed under our Resource tab on this page.
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Sample resolution (City Council, County Board of Supervisors
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Press Release from Speaker Atkins
Mail your letter to:

The Honorable Edmund G. Brown

Governor of the State of California

Governor’s Office, State Capitol

Sacramento, CA 95814


Re: AB 1999 (Atkins), Historic Buildings Rehabilitation Tax Credit – Request for Signature

The Honorable Toni Atkins

Speaker, California State Assembly

State Capitol Building, Room 319

Sacramento, CA 95814

FAX: (916) 319-2178

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