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Show your support of a California Rehabilitation Tax Credit.  By submitting your name you will be placed on a list of supporters.  Over 30 states have Rehabilitation Tax Credits programs that are proven to stimulate economic development and preserve historic communities.

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State Tax Credit Coalition

Support "The Economic Development and State Historic Tax Credit Act  --  AB 771"
An Economic Incentive Whose Time has Come


Speaker of the Assembly Toni Atkins reintroduces the State Tax Credit bill!

The California Preservation Foundation and the California Council of the American Institute of Architects are leading a broad-based coalition of preservation organizations and design professionals to pass AB 771.  With the leadership of Toni Atkins, Speaker of the Assembly our efforts resulted in unanimous, bipartisan support for AB 1999 from both houses of the state legislature. The bill was delivered to Governor Brown for his signature in late August and was vetoed by the Governor in late September 2015.

This advocacy effort brought together a diverse group of interests and strengthened alliances between preservation organizations, key legislators, and the business community -- all recognized the many benefits of a state historic tax credit and will continue to work together for its passage. Speaker of the Assembly, Toni Atkins is commended for her leadership and support.  She is a true champion for AB 771 and all that it represents.