The California Preservation Conference

The California Preservation Foundation Conference will be held at the Naval Training Center, San Diego, from April 29th to May 2nd, 2015. The success of the conference will hinge on your session proposals!

The deadline for session proposals is Friday, July 18th, 2014. Please submit one form per proposal. Submit your session proposal here >>

Based on the evaluations and closing forum comments at the Asilomar Conference, we have identified seven potential themes. Your proposal should ideally fall into one of the following themes (though you are also free to suggest your own theme).

  1. Back to the Basics: Preservation 101
  2. Advanced Topics for Practicing Professionals
  3. The "Outsider's" Take - A Critical Look at Preservation
    • Sessions that feature speakers who look at the preservation field from a neutral or outside perspective (e.g. journalists, developers, or cities without preservation mechanisms in place)
  4. Moving Towards Modernism
    • Designating and managing mid-century resources or sites younger than 50 years
    • Case examples of the successful protection of modern resources
    • Advocating for modernism
  5. Making The Case
    • Partnering sustainability with preservation
    • Striving for an inclusive and diverse preservation community
    • Using storytelling as advocacy tool
  6. New Directions and Unique Challenges
    • Landscapes, roads, and vistas
    • Going global - Looking beyond borders  
    • Surplus properties and military resources: challenges, opportunities
    • Intangible cultural values
  7. Examining the Numbers
    • Facts & figures for quantifying preservation
    • Examining the financial incentives for historic preservation
    • Identifying the benefits of economic development & heritage tourism efforts
  8. Technology & Tools
    1. GIS
    2. BIM
    3. Crowdsourcing / social media
    4. Building materials and analysis

Submit your session proposal here >>