The California Preservation Conference


Presidio, San Francisco | April 16-20, 2016

The 41st California Preservation Foundation Conference will be held at the Presidio, San Francisco in April 16-20, 2016. The success of the conference will hinge on your session proposals!

The deadline for session proposals is Friday, July 31st, 2015. Please submit one form per proposal. Submit your session proposal here >>

Our partner organizations and conference committee identified seven potential themes. Your proposal should ideally fall into one of the following themes (though you are also free to suggest your own theme).

  1. Community, Activism, Leadership          

     Tools to honor heritage. How can communities use the tools to preserve communities/neighborhoods

     What are communities in San Francisco (and beyond) doing to preserve their culture/neighborhoods

     Community integrity - community identity

     Community organizing - Why is community important?

  2. 50 years back, 50 years forward: Getting Beyond the National Historic Preservation Act
     Best practices beyond California

     Preservation ordinances in smaller communities

     How has the NHPA trickled down to individual communities

     Preservation as regulatory tool - where it goes too far and where it doesn't go far enough

     "Best of the Best" - What endures the test of time. What have we done well?

     Unique Legislation in California (CEQA). CA as preservation leader

     Looking Back at urban renewal - Looking ahead to large scale redevelopment

     Past preservation battles as case studies on what worked and what didn't work

  3. Tools and Technology  

     Sessions from contractors and craftsmen

     All types of windows

     Social media and storytelling

  4. 50 Shades of Preservation


     Economics of historic preservation

     Preservation in the face of extreme development

     Facadism / facadectomies

  5. The Historic Resources of the Future

     Different types of resources, including cultural and social heritage, objects, and murals

     Intangible resources

     Military base reuse / BRAC properties


     Value on experience over thing. Redefine integrity

    Infrastructure resources - i.e. Bay Bridge

     Case studies of community mobilization for cultural heritage in Austin, Boyle Heights, or San Diego

  6. Modernism

  7. Sustainability, Resiliency and Climate Change

     Environmental / climate Impacts - adaptation vs. integrity

     Case studies (i.e. San Francisco Waterfront and sea level rise / port's physical changes to form of land)
     Water conservation and cultural landscapes

Submit your session proposal here >>